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lirik lagu thorns of fear – absentia

lure me away
closer to the th*rns
my sins i whisper
my brain is so cold

i stand upon my road again
there is where my soul is lying
in my cage of life where i have my sanity

my madness is filling te hole in my cage
brain boiling with ideas, i feel but pain for you

th*rns of fear!
th*rns of fear!
rips my mind and i see it fall

the road of my mind lies beneath the rocks of pain
dreams are showing me my th*rns of fear
the wind is shattering fingers of leaves from the th*rns
th*rns of fear and i see it fall from here

when the road is over so is my sense of you
suddenly i see us dance in the garden of madness
you look like my mind, by the th*rns i see my life
needles are going through my body without a sound

i cry for the pain of being amongst the living
six feet under, in the ground my life begins all over again

i feel the th*rns
the road where i died
my mind is gone
i turn and close my eyes

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