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lirik lagu three – akinyele


who you wanna s*x?
where you wanna s*x?
when you wanna s*x?

would you s*x me and my mens?

who you wanna s*x?
where you wanna s*x?
when you wanna s*x?

or could i s*x you and your girlfriends?

who you wanna s*x?
where you wanna s*x?
when you wanna s*x?

would you s*x me and my mens?

who you wanna s*x?
where you wanna s*x?
when you wanna s*x

because 3…

talkin bout the number 3

somewhere in this bedroom it’s just you, her and me

menage a trois
that’s what it is
(word up)
puttin us two with you

[verse 1]
ha! did ginger and marianne ever hit the skipper?
the (three’s company) chicks ever f*ck jack tripper?
did orca and jaws ever run up in flipper?
did that spud dog ever f*ck them three frog bud sippers?
huh, that’s outlandish sh*t
two guys dancin with one girl, that’s that sandwich sh*t
was wyclef and praswell scorin on lauryn?
was lil’ cease and un hittin lil’ kim?
did red alert and scale ever f*ck wendy well?
did ak and flex ever f*ck jess and stress?
sh*t, we can take it down the alphabets
did swv get with tlc
and f*ck them three fellas down with bbd?
remember mike bivins, abc
they had more than three
but if they cut a few
would they f*ck them three girls from 702?
would erykah badu f*ck them two righteous dudes
from the brand nubian crew and include grand pu?
did mary j. blige ever f*ck case and nas?
was arnold or willis ever comin on kimberly drummond?
check it, remember this record:
and when i’m cool like that, i’m cool like that
i don’t know they name, d*mn it
but i wonder did them n*gg*s ever ram it
in that girl from digable planets?


[verse 2]
remember in the early ’80s, did ???
f*ck them ladies from the brady’s?
stanford & son f*ck esther grady
or could it be
ed lover and dr. dre f*cked lisa g?
is it that old school chick
gladys knight f*cked them pips?
and damsels, we goin back to old school jams
did utfo f*ck the real roxanne?
did cagney and lacey ever f*ck d*ck tracy?
did jasmine guy ever f*ck teddy ri’
and them other two guys
cause they was all part of guy
remember aaron hall, damon hall
did the gay rapper ever f*ck ru paul two b*lls?
who you wanna s*x, where you wanna s*x
and when it comes to talkin bi-s*x, i’m the
m*th*f*ckin best
check the rhyme, did changing faces
ever let r. kelly b*mp and grind in they behind?
did laverne and shirley ever f*ck carmine?
was gina and pam humpin on martin?
and all you freaks on that motorcycle sh*t
i wonder would you ever f*ck them two police from
(new york undercover), what’s that puertorican’s name?
yeah, did him and leeroy f*ck debbie allen from
and if miss braxton said at first, then three times
‘i’m feelin h*rny’
does it mean she’s f*ckin tony toni ton?


just imagine you could have
who you wanna f*ck
where you wanna f*ck
when you wanna fuc

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