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lirik lagu thuggin noise – asap rocky

a couple more commas richer,
and i’m still mobbin wit my n*gg*s bruh.
that’s why they don’t like us rollin deep to the club n*gg*,
f*ck ya club n*gg*!
wherever i’m at is the club n*gg*, suck a d*ck
swag swag

[verse 1]
toot that shoot that glock nine,
jiggy n*gg* i’m bout mine,
pinky ring and my watch shine,
yo b*tch callin my hotline.

wide buggy look c*ckeyed,
big pockets sit lopside,
talk studpid get your mouth wired,
we bout it bout it and rowdy huh.

b*tches all on my jock huh,
pretty n*gg* might stop time,
told yall young n*gg*s runnin sh*t,
including red lights and stop signs.

asap n*gg*s on the scene ha,
young trill n*gg*s on my team ha,
servin fiends ha, b*tches scream ha,
see the beam ha, its the ninaa.

rocky where you been,
i’ve been thuggin wit my team hoe. [x4]

[verse 2]
my trunk shake, and my paint spill,
chrome [?] with the grain wheel.
p*ss p*ssy n*gg*s they ain’t tril,
and we toast to ricky cause he ain’t chere.

a couple bad b*tches everyday chill,
so much snow you need a reindeer,
thuggish ruggish like st. clair,
trill b*tches want to hop up on the thang yeaa.


a young n*gg*, a young blood,
a mane don’t let these n*gg*s box you in my n*gg*

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