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lirik lagu time goes back – john frusciante

these things’ll go slowly by
these things
they’ll be where no one would think
and when given this life
i ought’ve thanked you all who will take it away
i notice that you’re fine
setting up beside wherever turns a blind eye
any solemn phase
and you belong to two times at once
my radio’s my heart
we live as one
two ways at once
i know the waves i form
i know the way i won’t become
these still places that are gone by
belive they’re somewhere else
(belive they’re somebody else)
jumping in the mind of a p*sserby
and being replaced like times flies
another wasted flaw
going up against the endless law
i’m flown through a mirror
almost disappearing
i glow fainty
you know this is n*body’s life
i saw the days i lost
hiding behind tomorrow’s costs
time going back

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