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lirik lagu tonight – trick daddy

(feat. jaheim, trina)

[intro: trick daddy]
you lookin’ real good baby
i just want you to know
i had a wonderful time this evening
but unfortunately
i guess this part of the story
well we tell each other goodnight
nah how about this
how about i break all the rules
and tell you what i really been thinkin’

[chorus: jaheim]
girl you gotta big ol’ *ss
and bow legs and fine hair
and all the sh*t that i want
s*xy motherf*cker
you acting like you want it right now
let a n*gg* know
is we gun f*ck tonight
my d*ck is gettin’ rock hard
oh my god
there’s gonna be some f*ckin’ tonight
take your panties off
and pull them things off to the side
and let a n*gg* know
is we gun f*ck tonight

[verse 1: trick daddy]
see good p*ssy
will bring the freak out ya
but if you eat it and don’t get cheated
the first off i beat the breaks off her
no sense in half-steppin’
get serious
get the t*tties suckin’ like
cl*t rubbin’ and *ss grabbin’
i eat that p*ssy *ss backwards
a few strokes of this long warm tongue
should make the p*ssy c*m
so much for round one
i spend a whole round two and back again
stick in move
stick in move

[chorus: jaheim]

[verse 2: trina]
i need a real man
i’m sick of playin’ with lil’ boys
i’m tryin’ to explore more like hot oils and s*x toys
i can’t keep fakin’
man i’m so backed up and
i can’t eat i can’t sleep
my knees weak makin’ me keep shakin’
i need a real n*gg* to come save me
one who pamper me and bathe me
and make me wanna swallow his baby
talkin’ thug sh*t like f*ck me crazy
from the back or in the b*tt
i’m like f*ck me baby f*ck me baby

[chorus: jaheim]

[verse 3: trick daddy]
all the matter is
i can get you wet again
suck you f*ck you better than
any other n*gg* can
i specialize in multi *rg*sms
gettin’ rid of back spasms
and do it all without v**gr*
i’ll f*ck you all night
make you sleep all day
treat you to breakfast then
eat you for breakfast
i know baby
i’m so unselfish
but you’re lovin’ it besides
i’m a freak so i can’t help it
all i need is old slow songs
one cold shot of patron
see you walkin’ around me in a thong
and it’ll be over before the chorus come back on
you’ll be leaving and i’ll be ab libin’
and we’ll be singin’ our d*mn song
it’s like the first time we made each other c*m
we’ll be suckin’ and f*ck each other
taste each other c*m
no soul alive can erase what we done
all our h*rny sticky memories you are stuck to me permanently

[chorus: jaheim]

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