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lirik lagu touch it (remix 1) – busta rhymes

(feat. dmx)

“buy it – use it – break it – fix it –
crush it – change it – melt – upgrade it
[intro continues in slower pitch]

[busta rhymes]
aiyyo, what you think the building is gon’ feel like
once the dog and busta rhymes come through this
oh man, not again

“touch it – bring it – pay it – watch it –
turn it – leave it – stop – format it”
[repeat 4x]

[dmx] what, remix
[busta] we ’bout to do it again
[dmx] what, remix
[busta] we ’bout to do it again
[dmx] what, remix
[busta] we bout to do it again
[dmx] what

[busta rhymes]
aiyyo dog, lets take it to another level
get low bus
you see them back with the smash
i told you n*gg*z i’m comin and bustin yo *ss
alot of n*gg*z is hype, but you know they hardly be trash
see i don’t read through them n*gg*z, bout to step on the gas (turn it up)
everybody wanna knock it, see this sh*t off the hook
got the dog wit me like we bout to do it to jooks
eat a n*gg* food, call me black caesar the crook
and while i’m back bringin the pressure
you n*gg*z is shook
get low bus, aye n*gg*, gimme a second
see you ain’t in my lane homie, just for the record
everytime you see me, you need to, you better respect it
cause when i bring it, you i’m only comin to bust it (turn it up)
busta bus, swizz and x, you can’t handle us now
see i’m the throne holder b*tch, the sh*t’s unanimous now
who the f*ck wanna try to come bang wit us now
none of yall, that’s why our b*tch wanna hang wit us now
i let ’em



[busta rhymes]
get low x

anything it’s took, it’s gon be a breakdown
come through like “hmmm, what i’m gon take now?”
whatever the f*ck i want, trust me dog
it gets ugly even when it comes to the hunt (turn it up)
n*gg*z like to stunt, you wanna to front
i’ma hit you and your man
and ima hit you where you stand (what)
n*gg*z ain’t built for nothin but frontin
come through, f*ggots hit the security frontin (keep goin x)
get that do, what that do? how that do?
f*ck you f*ggot, i shot at you
and what? you and you mans b*tt, you in your man’s truck
but your chance is up, not get up {turn it up}
you know how that sh*t goes, let that sh*t go
ain’t nothin change, been the same from the getgo (what)
get up out that whip yo, i ain’t gon’ tell you again
f*ck it, say h*llo to my little friend


[busta rhymes]
get low x

swizz is the monster, x is the beast
f*ckin wit bus, man everyday is a piece
stay off the streets, tired of talkin to y’all n*gg*z
i’ma stick a fork at y’all n*gg*z (turn it up)
when i hit ’em, man that crunk gon get ’em man
f*cked up how i did ’em man (what)
ain’t no remorse but the chorus, truth is
can’t id the body, n*gg* toothless

[busta rhymes]
get low bus, just like peas and rice
the way i cook, n*gg*z gotta have a jesus christ
what the f*ck you n*gg*z wanna do? please, i’m nice
i’m only gonna say it once, i’m ain’t sayin it twice (turn it up)
yo i swear to god, you don’t want
no problem when i pack out the full clip
bus rhymes, back on the bullsh*t
f*ck you wanna come around, you and your crew spit
i’m hear to fix the game and i’m back wit the toolkit, you can


[drum plays in the beat]

[chorus ’til fade]

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