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lirik lagu trip over a broad like that – one chance

[intro: talking]

you can blame a n*gg* for it ain’t my fault she came around,
she said she wasn’t with you from the go i put it down,
me and you go back how you gon’ trip over a broad like that,
you can hit the strip and get some mo’ they come a dime a dozen cause a hoe gon’ be a hoe,
n*gg* stop lovin stop kickin these hoe’s,
me and you go back how you gon’ trip over a broad like that.

[verse 1: courtney]:
aye listen playa there’s somethin i gotta tell ya it’s about ya main chick, (go head man)
that ya been blabbin bout maybe settlin down with or claimin ya wifey, (what)
it’s cool and all and i ain’t tryna knock on what ya’ll been buildin, what you talkin bout)
but i got value info it’s so much you don’t know,
it’s a guarantee you lose it when you hear what’s goin on.

[talking: jon]
now here we go with that he say she sh*t,
another n*gg* tellin me about my main chick,
but go head and speak your mind,
i hope this sh*t legit before you waist my time,
because i done heard this sh*t before,
another n*gg* tellin me my girl’s a hoe,
but if i ain’t see it with my own eyes,
i’m only gon’ *ssume that yo *ss a liar


[verse 2: mic]
don’t sweat it playa yes what i’m bringin you should appreciate, (n*gg* hold up)
but look on the bright side least you found out before it was too late, (this some bull sh*t)
you can’t be serious you shoulda known better hoe can’t be a housewife, (aye)
ya might as well charge it to the game and leave it in the past,
and except it for what it is.

[talking: jon]
first of all i’m a grown *ss man,
and i don’t need anotha n*gg* tellin me my plans,
in life yeah that’s right,
take ya b*tch *ss home n*gg* we ain’t tight,
and what you mean how i’m gonna trip,
you got a lot of nerve askin me that sh*t,
but i’m cool if you cool,
cause the same thing just happened to you.


[talking: one chance]
ha check this out,
this song right here is dedicated to all you hoe *ss n*gg*s,
soft *ss n*gg*s that be lovin these motha f*ckin hoes,
you know what i’m talkin bout,
you can’t turn no hoe into no motha f*ckin housewife,
ya heard,
that’s right n*gg* tell these n*gg*s better keep that game tight,
cause a n*gg* like me g i’m gon’ f*ck ya b*tch,
and i’m gon’ keep f*ckin the b*tch as long as the b*tch on me,
ya know what i’m talkin bout,
ha ha chi-town,
not only that n*gg* if you don’t wanna misplace yo b*tch,
you betta tie that b*tch up to a pole or somethin n*gg*,
leave her at home or somethin cause we will take yo b*tch,
don’t you understand this,
stop all this c*ck blockin and stop jockin and flockin a hoes,
cause see we will take that b*tch,
aye man it’s hard out here bein a motha f*ckin pimp,
you know i really don’t wanna romance these motha f*ckin hoes,
cause i’m gon leave them motha f*ckin hoes just where they stand n*gg*,
ha ha guess who ain’t a b*tch oc yeah man,
aye check this out for all you fellas that mighta lost yo b*tch to us last year,
well we comin for the b*tches this year,
you know what i’m talkin bout,
so recognize you motha f*ckers better not f*ck with my b*tch though,
cause i will f*ck you up motha f*ckers,
oc is our name and rappin and tappin is our game,
we rappin and tappin these hoes know what i’m sayin,
so uh where is my motha f*ckin nuggets at though

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