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lirik lagu turnin’ on the screw – queens of the stone age

you got a question? please don’t ask it,
it puts the lotion in the basket,
you say bigger’s better but bigger’s thicker,
white boy dressed up like a figure,
drawn inside a toilet on the wall,
the world is round,
my square don’t fit at all,

they say those who can’t just instruct others,
and act like victims or jilted lovers,
you can’t lose it if you never had it,
disappear man, do some magic,
you want a reason? how’s about “because”?
you ain’t a has been if you never was.

i sound like this,
scared to say what is your p*ssion,
so slag it all,
bitter’s in fashion,
fear of failure’s all you’ve started,
the jury is in, verdict:
i’m so tired, i’m wired too,
i’m a mess,
i guess,
i’m turning on the screw.

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