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lirik lagu umbra – karnivool

me in your own way
colour my eyes
see what feelings i hide

no-one knows why
no one can forgive
second thought
why do i care?

i’ll hide from subtleties while
i try to face my kind
and you call this feeling
it’s not enough
come again another day
now that my world feels at least
i’ll follow you home

wake me with a bottle ‘cross the head
i’ll sleep ’til it’s over and i’m sober again

well i don’t feel so safe here
imagine that everything’s affected by a cause
in this game you call luck
(there’s nowhere to go)
well i don’t feel so lucky, no
(lie to yourself)
and just when i think i’ve worked it out
these pieces move and i’m back to the start

wake me with a bottle ‘cross the head
i’ll sleep ’til it’s over and i’m sober again

it’s nothing that you’d understand
i promised you maybe

do you think it matters?
(here i will stand)
do you think at all?
(here i will fall)
do we complicate it?
(organised recovery)
do we know it all?
(i’ll always go)

i don’t want to
(here i will stand)
i just have to
(here i will fall)
i don’t need it
(organised recovery)
i just want it
(i’ll always go)

and lay this troubled sinner
with a gun in your hand
now you live for no-one
knowing what you held in your arm

wasted promise
set in stone and blood
hold your promise
save your cheap remarks, just leave me here alone

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