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lirik lagu under the ocean – eversin

i was born in 1920, son of a poor ploughman
my father taught me his dignity, my mother took care of
until that day, until the day they took me away to
fight their bl**dy war, to fight their f*cking war.

far from home – on machines covered with their blood
close to death – with fear and pain as comrades

i breath powder in the air
i see my friend…as they die.
and every day i thank to god
for another day that i can see

the smell of death, the smell of hate
rivers of blood, pain consacrated
another day, another death
i see, i live, i kill, i breath…
the tanks of doom, out of the dark
my hands in blood, my soul is marked
i have to kill without a shame
so far from god…diablo was my name.

i‘ve no flower on my tomb
no one comes to see my stone
lost in a endless field of blood
warmed by the waves

water, mighty waves, no flowers on my tomb, under the
ocean i sleep, under the ocean
water be my bride, i’m so cold inside, under the ocean
i dream,
under the ocean

…and i’ll try to erase the pain from this world once
and my spirit ‘s so strong, it won’t fade away
thy kingdom come…forever.

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