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lirik lagu unit – kitty kat – g

[50 cent (tony yayo)]
(yeah, yeah) yeah (g-unit!!)
my polo on (check) my dolce on (check)
it’s my crew and polow da don
i get that kitty ma (yeah!) i get that cash boo
shake that kitty girl, shake that *ss hoe!

[chorus: woman]
owww, i need cash for my kitty cat
owww, i need cash for my kitty cat
owww, i need cash for my kitty cat
[tony yayo:] well girl i get p*ssy for free, i’m hittin that
owww, i need cash for my kitty cat
owww, i need cash for my kitty cat
owww, i need cash for my kitty cat
[50 cent:] but b*tch i get p*ssy for free, i’m hittin that

[tony yayo]
big boy bentley, big boy semi
n*gg*z wanna kill me, ain’t worth n*gg* pennies
i drop a bag off, and the uz’ will spray you
i need six pockets like a pool table
these hoes love me, these hoes love my pimpin
they in the phantom, clickin on they cablevision
dope, i got the chef boyardee bags
coke, i got it runnin out the rehab
hoes like, “why he actin so hollywood?
cause there’s a chauffeur in his 300 hollywood”
i’m hot, no ghostwriter for the mic
basically the hollywood writer on strike, yeah!


[50 cent]
she got what i want, want (uh-huh)
she got what i need, need (that’s right)
she rollin my blunt, blunt (yeah)
b*tch hand me my weed, weed… [growls]
i’m so ghetto, i’m so, i’m so ghetto
on the low, i creeps, i moves with my metal
i be’s in the club with my burner like what
i done did so much dirt, i ain’t tryin to get cut
i’m a bad boy, that bad boy they wan’ f*ck with
they like that black on black rims on the caddy truck kid
i make that hard white flip, n*gg* since “get rich”
my jewels so sick, they talk to a b*tch
like, get in get in! you and your friend
he sold ten mil’ twice, he fin’ to do it again
all aboard! b*tch don’t miss the train
50 that n*gg*, f*ck wrong with yo’ brain, huh?


[lloyd banks]
i don’t pay for kitten, are ya kiddin? well it’s the kid
a.k.a., in and out your sister’s crib
mr. so fly, i o.d. the stores
my car d*mn near fly, it got eagle doors
before you see me off, you’ll see h*ll freeze
you got a v-12? i got 12 v’s
it’s only so many months, you do the math
i’m a smoker, it’s so many blunts for you to p*ss on me
girl you crazy, got on b.b., rollin
and your mouth’ll be, foamin if i keep, keep goin
you might see, me, frozen cause i’m holdin i done told ’em
if yo’ game can’t control ’em, then she’s as good as stolen


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