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lirik lagu unit – straight outta southside – g

[intro: lloyd banks]
i don’t know what the f*ck y’all been doin
but this what they want
i’d like to give a r.i.p., in advance
to all my enemies, die quick n*gg*!

[lloyd banks]
straight outta southside, crazy motherf*cker named bank-o
crack rap, million dollar bankroll
black ‘llac, with my outta state hoe
these n*gg*z talk gangsta but really ain’t though (no!)
i’m a stormy night, you a rainbow
i’m a g, tight clothes ain’t my thing bro
f*ck the police, with a hiv carrier
no vaseline in the m-16 (yeah)
i’m ridin dirty but the bent’ pimp clean (yeah)
it got a body like i feed it creatine
my birthstones are diamond, my favorite color’s green
i smoke lean and p*ss louie the 13 (boy!)

[interlude: tony yayo]
yeah, y’all motherf*ckers shot my momma crib up
my sister, my niece in there
i’m gettin y’all n*gg*z hit for $500
i’ma be in london motherf*cker

[tony yayo]
my name is yayo, a crazy n*gg* don’t play though
i hit your planters peanut with the eight-oh
al-qaeda, expert murkin
when all my n*gg*z die they gon’ have 80 virgins
in the ‘burbs swervin, cause i’m drunk and i’m high
with that glock, that pump, that mac and fo’-five (break it down now!)
f*ck the police! they killed shawn bell (what?)
f*ck the feds! i’ll still deal fishscale (what?)
mini-me n*gg*z wanna copy my style
but legal aid lawyers ain’t good for trial
pull up to the projects and throw the kids 100’s (i ain’t lyin!)
drop-top phantom got him sick in his stomach

[interlude: 50 cent]
these n*gg*z is weak son
lookin like cookies ‘n cream to me
god d*mn, a fly man, a heartbeat man
n*gg*z know any of these n*gg*z can get it

[50 cent]
n*gg* this boo-boo, but you could call me 50
f*ck with me the police will have to get me
760-i, i ride, i’m a rider
molotov i toss that, you on fire
beef pop, i stop talkin and get quiet
and make the muzzle on the tec look like it’s on fire
my sh*t jam and un-jam like i planned it
like i was just takin a breather, i’m back blammin
i’m charles bronson, dirty harry, with the cannon
you shootin back but you ain’t hittin sh*t i’m still standin
when sh*t don’t go down smooth i don’t panic
switch pistols, switch hands, switch targets h*t your man

[outro: 50 cent]
yeah, n*gg* i’m straight outta southside
i’m back on that gorilla sh*t, that cold-hearted killa sh*t
n*gg* stunt with your mouth wide
we move around militant, we trained for some iller sh*t
muh’f*cker, southside!

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