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lirik lagu untitled l – mellowhype

[verse 1: hodgy beats]
cold water fresh from every aspect
it’s like i have eight ligaments the way that i grab checks
i’m p*ssed go, puff it, then p*ss next on ratchets
i’m 007 make a n*gg* grab his gadget
barbarian with the harpoon, don’t walk in that dark room
leave your organs on a barstool, then bag ’em up, carpool
hodgy, he so devilish
elevator, next level sh*t
i’m going up but it’s going down but i never settle b*tch

[verse 2: hodgy beats]
all these f*cking drugs and no motivation
all these f*cking girls and no home to take them
all these f*cking plugs ain’t no where to gauge them
call the sl*ts to roll the blunts i’m guaranteed to face them
my power’s like a horse’s, you know where i race them
on the track where i practice careers for the taken
i’m swollen aching, smoking eighths and go defacing haters
you slow deflate that sh*t, mistake, i’m on the road to mayhem

[hook: left brain]
here we, here we, here we f*cking go (go)
here we, here we, here we f*cking go (go)
here we, here we, here we f*cking go (go)
here we f*cking go, let these n*gg*s know (know)

[verse 3: hodgy beats]
smoking flights, roll the dice, i’m sober like i should have flown a kite
i got the [?] like dolomite so n*gg* don’t step to me you a shoulder’s height
not a soldiers height, i’m cold as ice, frozen bitten, north face mittens, on a mission
left in the kitchen, i’m on?? the chef in the kitchen

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