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lirik lagu victims – acrostichon

you are so changed since i met you
vague moments seem to come more
why do you use it; throwing your life
tearing your friends and family with

first on party’s, now you can’t miss
your daily dose
an egoist or just a stupid b*st*rd
don’t you see there’s more to live for
you seem to be content, but are you?

why? are you thinking only about yourself
how! can you live like this; you only have yourself
when! will you realize, when will you realize
victims! why can’t you see

sometimes i wonder why people use drugs
started as a game now there’s nothing left for you
it isn’t cool; it doesn’t solve problems
you just create other ones you don’t see

your body and emotions are like a shrinking nut
surrounded by a haze of unreality
creating your own perfect chaos
neverending ignorance

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