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lirik lagu vision of you – belinda carlisle

time moves a summer wind
i can see your face again
was it such a tragedy
being you … being me?

smoke clears, the pictures fades
but i stay back in yesterday
all the strangers come and go
all of them will never know …

n*body’s touch feels like your touch
n*body’s gets to me that much
n*body’s kiss moves me inside
and i have nowhere left to hide
tell me what can i do?
i have a vision of you
tell me what can i do
with this vision of you

did i walk? did you run?
what’s the way to love someone?
oh my darling did we know
what it meant when we let go

how can a candle ever burn so bright?
casting a shadow on my life
i am blinded by your light
even without you

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