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lirik lagu waitin’ on a miracle – matthew west

waitin’ on a miracle

i’m down to my last drop of faith
my last ounce of strength
my knees are worn
from waitin’ on a miracle
i’ve prayed, god, i’ve prayed
i’ve stormed the gates in jesus’ name
crying out night and day
just waitin’ on a miracle
but i don’t know how much longer
i can hold out hope tonight
and i wish my will was stronger
but instead i’m just a weary heart
waitin’ on a miracle
i’ve heard your hand can calm a raging sea
but can you calm the storm in me
‘cause that’s how it feels
when you’re waitin’ on a miracle
and my soul longs for the day
when i see the answer to the prayer i’ve prayed
and it’ll all be worth the wait
waitin’ on a miracle

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