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lirik lagu wake up – (hed) p.e.

you see me – i see through you
you say f*ck me – i say f*ck you
you don’t love me – i don’t love you
i rise above and i say “f*ck you b*tch”

i don’t know how i find the power
to face all these f*cking cowards
all i really wanna do is disembowel one every hour
go home smoke a joint
and beat off in the shower
then dispose of all the evidence
and pop a couple downers

if you know me then you know i really have no friends
get hi a lot – i drink and drive a lot
the innocent they die a lot
now don’t be fooled when you see me smile a lot
cuz i’ll go punk rock
blow up your whole block

wake up
wake up motherf*cker wake up
i don’t give a f*ck motherf*cker wake up
you’re not punk rock b*tch
you just a punk

die motherf*cker die mothef*cker die
die motherf*cker die mothef*cker die
get hi motherf*cker hi motherf*cker hi
we ride motherf*cker or motherf*ckin die

semper fi
i’m ready for a fight
these first amendment rights
are guaranteed to me
regardless if i say sh*t you don’t like
so every night i grab the mic
i spit sh*t just for spite
if i can’t push some b*ttons
why the f*ck should i recite
poems are meant to shed some light
on all these hyprocrits and sodomites
buddy i’ll incite a riot in this twilight zone tonight
cuz i don’t give a f*ck
now shut the f*ck up
or i’ll go straight punk
blow the whole block up

wake up….

why is life as cold as h*ll
and why can’t i control myself
why am i so insecure
i don’t even know myself
yea i’m so f*ckin immature
i tried to grow hydro myself
if i had the power i’d bring back the twin towers myself

then i’d gather up all the alquaeda cowards
now ya all burn in h*ll
now ya get what you deserve
now ya know not to f*ck with my brother nick berg

now shut the f*ck up
or i’ll go straight punk
blow ya whole block up

wake up…

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