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lirik lagu watch my shoes – trill fam

(performed by 3 deep)

[3 deep:]
mouse drop a track that’ll make ya bounce and act

[hook: mouse]
don’t f*ck with me
f*ck with me
don’t f*ck with me
f*ck with me
don’t f*ck with me
f*ck with me
don’t f*ck with a n*gg* like me

do what ya do
but watch my shoes
dance with ya boo
but watch my shoes
n*gg* you could get loose
but watch my shoes
cause you’ll get blues
you don’t watch my shoes

[verse 1: phat]
lil phat n*gg* watch my g nikes
yea you heard b*tch
that iron getcha mind right
hey now watch it
(hey now watch it)
or you gon feel some hot sh*t
(or you gon feel some hot sh*t)
better watch where ya step
and watch what ya say
you know what i rep
lil whoodie i don’t play
i got them hands
and quick to throw ’em in ya face
inside fist fight outside gun play
get it how ya live
dog this trill year
wodie you to hype b*tch take a chill pill
quit runnin ya mouth
look this sh*t don’t matter
hit you with that 4/5
yo sh*t gon splatter
and i talk that
cause i’m bout dat
i ain’t hard to find
you know where that south at
your grilled up
i’ll knock yo sh*t out
n*gg* step on my kicks
you don’t wanna take that route


[verse 2: sh*ll]
n*gg* do what ya do
a get loose but
i know one thing
ya better watch my shoes
n*gg* do how ya feel
do what ya like
n*gg* step on my whites
in the club we gon fight
got that liquor in ya cup
that killer in ya hand
but n*gg* watch the way ya buck
and watch the way ya dance n*gg*
they don’t like these
cause they ain’t got these
b*tch ya better watch these
a catch a two piece
n*gg* do you
cause i’m a do me
buckin hard to the ceilin off of mouse beat
f*ck poppin them
we leave the tags on
so chew a pill smoke a blunt and get ya swag on
you might do a straight
but you don’t do it like me
fresh girbauds white tee 300 on the feet
i ain’t hatin on ya
but just watch the way ya buckin
all that steppin on my shoe
you must want me to slide somethin (nicca)


[verse 3: mouse]
don’t f*ck with me
n*gg* watch my feet
i don spent a bill 50 n*gg* watch my sneaks
i ain’t tryin to be the sh*t
but they fresh out the box
and if you scuff ’em i’m gonna have to knock you clean out ya socks
i got a shoe fetish
so i keep a fresh pair
before i wear some sketchers
i walk around bare
n*gg* posing for the camera in the brand new fit
zoom out a little bit gotta catch them kicks
you could clown with ya rounds
you could pose with ya hoe’s
you could play it how it goes
but n*gg* watch my toes
you could drank that remy with the coke up in it
gon ahead and drank plenty
but n*gg* watch my tennis
you can disobey the rules
drank a cup of booze
you can do what you do
but n*gg* watch my shoes
watch a n*gg* feet
if you ain’t got it to spend
i gotta keep these b*tches clean
cause i’m a wear ’em again

[chorus: til fades]

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