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lirik lagu ways and means – snow patrol

getting too busy to make amends
i should try to make it right
are you ready for the sh*t to hit
i think you say you are but aren’t
doctor make it better instantly
you’re the only one who can
i’ve been waiting here my whole d*mn life
and i’ve forgotten what i wanted

maybe i can do it
if i put my back into it
i can leave you if i wanted
but there’s nowhere else that i can go

maybe i won’t suffer
if i find a way to love her
i’d be lying to myself
but there is no way out that i can see

if i lied you’d know it instantly
so i just had to look away
all the honesty i’ve ever lost
i can’t begin to even curse
i never knew the taste of blood till now
it’s clear i never should have known
breathing fire was never this much fun
so there’s a dark side in us all

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