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lirik lagu we do it for fun pt.3.5 – tha joker

“we do it for fun pt.3.5”

at first i was okay, and then i was just straight
hit mysp*ce and hoes fell in love with my face
upped my vocab and then ya boy got nasty
flow on overdrive, now these n*gg*s can’t p*ss me
creme de la creme, who him? n*gg* him
j-o-k-e-r is on top like a chim but
no santa clause, we grinchin round here
even white hoods love me, no legend round here
messages on mysp*ce like w could
it’s cause i always go off like adt in the hood
yo flow shake but my flow is straight seizure
i run a lot of sh*t like nickel magnesia
you should be high, joker smokin like reefer
but n*gg*s sleepin on me, icksnay (pig latin) anesthesia
room guns, berettas, i am known to burst ’em
leave a n*gg* stankin like overexertion
to all my haters… f*ck ’em, curse ’em
i drop so many hits, other rappers call me worrisome
plus they try to steal from my book of rhymes
now see, that’s straight p*ssy like the march of dimes
it’s obvious, like we all know marsha fine
f*ck the game missionary, i’m on top of mine
if you not my clientele, you can’t even get the weed sale
trust no n*gg* like a heart broken female
co-ed fte to the hotel, she shall receive a lot of beats
like my m*th* f*ckin g mail
b*tch byotch, money is nuthin
only reason you don’t know cause forbes don’t acknowledge hustling
joker’s mediocre, everybody else is hotter
someone’s in h*ll drinkin on a gl*ss of water
dope boy magic, kitchen harry potter
i help move weight, t*tle of an exwatter
i’m on the grind just like dry humping raw
n*gg* i’m surprised i havnt caught something
girls suck nonhesitation no delay
famous d*ck, i’m a sell my pubic hairs on ebay
want the highest bider so i can get with her
first well drink, and then i’ll split her
then we do the do, h*ll yea i did her
now i’m done with her i’m a let jr hit her
then be a friend, introduce her to my boys…
she’s gonna need an altoid
hit the club 17, plus my id void
came home with a lot of hoes and my thoughts paranoid
j cole tell ’em i ain’t never been a busta
if real was a disease, i’d be a dead m*th* f*cka
i make so much money so savin ain’t my plan
and i blow so much cake that the candles don’t stand
ice hang to my c*ck, d*mn near at my leg
so b*tches gotta bobsled just to give me head
el presedinto, dance for me why don’t you
call the b*tch my new car i left a lof of bills on her
awww skeet skeet i won’t for saint pete
i’m tryna blow up big like aretha’s peak
i got hoes on deck, i want want want
and i f*ck it so much that i’m nonchalant
currency problem, money, mula
dollars make all hoes holla like booyah
shillings, doubloons, pounds, pesos
no teardrops cause it’s killers on my payroll
i can smell p*ssy like i used to work at catos
weave kill in packs, real boy wear a halo
see we know that she goes, so no need for egos
but you tries and lost like when shack shoots his freethrows
i’m michael you t*to’s, you rappers just freeloads
part two let the clip go and three is a reload
i’m gone leave a stain on the game just like cheeto’s
so it’s gone go my way like i was carlito
so fck what the plan say, i do me no veto
i’m gone show my black *ss like i was in speedos
but i am the teacher, let me sit at my desk, so
i can school this rap game, it’s hop scotch chess, and i’m
leaps jumps, and bows all over the rest
last line no punchline, i am the best

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