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lirik lagu welcome to the jungle – b.o.b

“welcome to the jungle”

on the battlefield i am the commander in
the war between the worlds, time to wheel the cannons in
i’m out here salamandering
they out here slandering
try to smear a n*gg*s image down, d*mn who’s the camera man?
where’s the man to man talk
what a f*ck? get up off the nipple, man
let your momma have a mammogram,
busting like sammy sam
n*gg*s can’t even see me on the beat
like a blind pianist at a band exam
but f*ck a punch line, f*ck a metaphor
f*ck the n*gg*s who said they wasn’t feeling me before
life is like a movie, i just write the score,
let me dumb it down, maybe you can understand me more!
i got no time for this shock jock, get up above my c*ck,
put the mic down, you’re looking sixty four!
i’m guessing i’m the n*gg* that they love to hate
but they still watch a n*gg*, and they pay attention more!
closer to my words, and closer you observe
trying to decipher the flow you n*gg*s know this sh*t is absurd!
you notice every verb and adjective and every syllable
and why compare to me there is n*body who’s identical
instrumental general, grand hustle emerald
i’m ballin’ over here, give a f*ck about your interviews
n*gg*s talk, hoes too, but they know i’m one of the coldest overall and general
the more i ball the more the haters run
when you f*ck the game, the problems gonna come
back down never, i’m never known to run
f*ck life and get high, that’s what i call overcoming obstacles
get up of my tosticles, i got the sun to control
i’m callin’ audibles, i know what i gotta do
when you travel on this road, man after a while
n*body’s either on the side of you
reaching out the other artists for a wider view
in reality artists just don’t have the time for you
it is what it is, i don’t take it personal
but it’s a jungle out, and lions don’t eat vegetables.
i mean veggies, i’m all about my
i don’t smoke and i’m never on the reggie
i’m going full speed, but i don’t know where i’m heading
so keep up my yard and never touch my hedges
i’m on the edge, you should never cross the line
n*gg*s feel safe when they’re online
but i’m out here touring, they out here keyboarding
i’m bout to show what the f*ck a high score is
so let me do this for east side b*tch
decatuer ga, on six!
call it what you want, but real recognize real
so the hush n*gg*s don’t even exist!
ah, grand hustle, yeah it’s b.o.b
said free t.i.p, now the n*gg* back
so now we gonna see what’s up and what’s good
bobby ray coming to your neighborhood!
strange clouds, dropping soon
yeah that’s what’s up, good news.

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