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lirik lagu well done 2 – tyga

“well done 2”

well, well done! well, well done! well, well done!
finish him!
well, well done! well, well done! well, well done!
finish him!

treat my d*ck like a dog b*tch fetch
i put it down your throat then i buss it on your neck
t-killer i’ma mess homer simpson in the flesh
yeah i’m doper then syringe f*ck yo b*tch and all her friends
make amends for all my sins i ain’t trippin on a b*tch
i’m a bull give me wings too many tats on my skin
you know my rank n*gg* if you speakin’ come proper
hit you with a shot like boom shaka laka
knock your *ss to your feet like too much vodka
i’m hotter than a 2 dollar pistol from a rasta
yeah they call me tyga with a heart of muf*ssa
n*gg* i ain’t lyin, hard to find like a fossil
i’ll be outta here king sh*t like cairo
asian n*gg* kick you in the face tai bo
i’m rising with the heat on these n*gg*s like pyro
i’m just freestylin a n*gg* young and wildin’
lord i done suffered thru too many years
and we done shed so so many tears
lost many peers no memories
just misery killing all my enemies
f*ck her til she can’t see f*ck until we can’t breath
knock knock who there, dez nuts in your face
b*tch i’m eatin get a plate
all my n*gg*s do the same most my homies hoover gang
uh larry hoover, lawrence taylor, giant glocks
patch your eye like a raider
too many b*tches call it p*ssy mania
n*gg*s tryna ball, swag, i don’t do favors
pac sh*t middle finger, finger f*ck who ever hating
i’m the sh*t ya’ll n*gg*s constipated
f*ck yo b*tch its easy even to a caveman
i’m good, make it, make it rain til the roof cave in
85 laker, high rise, purple lasers
marc jacobs famous like the morning laser
no patients leave her in the lobby waiting
vacation n*gg* i ain’t talking vegas

well, well done! well, well done! well, well done!
finish him!

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