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lirik lagu what it do – lil’ flip

(feat. mannie fresh)

[mannie fresh]
yo red necks, coloreds, asians, africans, euthopians
whatever you is-it’s ya boy freshly snipes ya heard
with young flip and i call this one….

[chorus: mannie (lil’ flip)]
(now what it do)
yeah n*gg* got too much loot
(now what it do)
yeah baby push the gt coupe
(now what it do)
yeah n*gg* showin platinum tooth’s
aye play with me homey let the ego shoot
(now what it do)
yeah baby young flipper is back (i’m back!)
(now what it do)
yeah n*gg* candy cadillacs
(now what it do)
pump your backs it’s just too much gl*ss
i still rep cloverland-know what is y’all sayin?

[verse 1: lil’ flip]
you know ya baby mama wanna ride with a g
cause she shakin her *ss to this mannie fresh beat
i’m fly as a muhf*cker-high as a muhf*cker
4 rolled diamond chain, iced out belt buckle
aye and i’m still on the grind
i own 10 watches but i’m never on time
i show up late-cause i blow up weight
you doin shows down here but you can’t go upstate
now what it do i’m tryna leave with you and you
i’m twenty-deep, i ain’t trippin bring ya crew
i got my heat you packin little 22’s
we clover g’s the home of lean and dj screw


[verse 2: lil’ flip]
aye i got the big home, the whip chrome
the king back you can’t take my throne (h*ll naw)
i been chillin on the low gettin dough fuh sho
run up on me thirty shots (blat-blat) but i’m lettin e’m go
you can’t f*ck with my team i’m just lettin you know
if it cost five-hundred that’s regular dro
cops pull a n*gg* over cause they jealous of my car
my oz’s twelve-hundred you can smell it through the jar
grab a sweet roll it up (coughing) get the drank pour it up
and no you can’t come with me if you ain’t old enough
you know that desert eagle come with a holster
but my gt ain’t come with a showfer (d*mn!)


[verse 3: lil’ flip]
aye the dope boy say i’m shinin’boy
but that sh*t came from grindin boy
yellow diamonds every where like i stuck up johnny
dogg i heard ya paper low i got that stuck up money
shut the f*ck up dummy you ain’t hard as us
i went to france and found out you ain’t large as us
i get paid just to come to the club and chill
i let ya chick braid my hair-plus she love my grill
f*ck a house on a hill, cause my sh*t by the lake
i’m like jigga i can do this in one-take
we got wieght, we got dro, we got all the guns
ask about lil’ flip you know where i’m from


[lil’ flip]
yeah aye that’s how we do it man
y’all n*gg*z need to step ya game up man
clover g’s in the motherf*ckin building
dogg bg duke in the building, d-redd in the building
will-lean the chemist in the building
the black al capone in the building
ua deal in the building, mid west in the motherf*ckin building
and we doin it so, so motherf*ckin big
big shasta in the building, m dollar in the building
we gettin money n*gg* and when you see me in the streets say “what it do”
and don’t call me flip no motherf*ckin more call me flipperachi…
hahaha and we out!

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