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lirik lagu whatz next – 2pac

“whatz next”
(feat. a3, jay rock)

tell me what the f*ck am i suppose to do
now what’s next
tell me what the f*ck am i suppose to do
now what’s next

caught up in the middle
my life’s a riddle
don’t let it get ya
i wanna be legal
but it’s this hustle that get me richer
one love to my peoples makin’ money
i can see you bubblin’
avoid all trouble
beware of devils continue strugglin’
nothin’s impossible if there’s a will there’s a way
so get your mind on official business
you can be great
and it’s been this way from the cradle to the grave
so get paid
my n*gg*z do this every f*ckin’ day
we parlay
through politics and conversation
this information to my thug n*gg*z in the congregation
watch and bare witness to the pleasures of partic*p*tion
separation is self destruction
what’s needed is unification
cause the world ain’t hardly scared
if not prepared
be sure to be b*mmy and be no longer there
but no one cares it’s there to share
all we get is stares
because of fear we’ll evaporate
say your prayers

and what’s next

[chorus x2:]
hard livin’ got me goin’ insane
but i’m addicted to the hustle i’m trapped in the game
whatz next
i’m goin’ crazy
tell me tell me what the f*ck am i suppose to do
whatz next

(aye its on a3)
makaveli tried to warn us
but n*gg*z ain’t listen to pac
naw (listen listen) n*gg* really listen to pac
sh*t yean got it yet (no)
then you won’t get it
might as well measure ’em up
and have his *ss fitted
caught slippin’ dog trippin’ didn’t soak game
got his wig split like dem shutters on the airplane
never will change n*gg*z wit’ no name no shame
might open ya head foe mess broke change
i stay posted like a flag (flag)
starin’ thru my rear view ballin’ in a jag (jag)
bounce wit me cali body rock down in h-town
we gon’ put these artificial bustas in they place now
time foe a change
real n*gg*z rollin’ wit’ me
money makin’ swift decision we controllin’ the streets
side track by the broads and the frauds
ain’t it strange
it’s the reason so many n*gg*z get scarred in the game

whatz next

[chorus x2]

[jay rock:]
that money gotta make it
what i gotta do to make it
do i really gotta take it
put this mack up to you face it
doin’ what we gotta do to survive
just ask kweli doin’ what we do to get by
some n*gg*z stick to the crime
pitchin’ nickel and dimes
what the f*ck we s’pose to do
who gon’ give us a job
so i tried and tried
tried to get out the grind
but the block kept on callin’ me back
fiends kept on callin’ for crack
so i supply ’em wit’ that
gave ’em a reasonable fee
n*gg* don’t blame it on me
sh*t just look where i’m at
n*gg*z in gardens
lapd is the target
n*gg*z is heartless hustle regardless
look that dope spot use to be an apartment
but now it’s just a place to hide the guns in the closet
watch ya step shift the grams under the carpet
we just tryin’ hard not to see that coffin

whatz next

[chorus x2]

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