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lirik lagu wheel goes nowhere – 1080

every time i look into this board of abstract numbers i pretend to see things that simply are not there / surrounded by others in my same position trying to give some value to their cold blank stare / i wonder whats the point of useless education as we stress out learning someone elses’ number games / running like hamsters ‘cuz this wheel goes nowhere and every time the outcome’s just the same
there is no free thought when (education?) / our minds are bound in chains (i think not!) / was this system designed to stunt our minds / or just conveniently work out this way?
i’d like to think there is more to our lives than just math and science twice a week phys. ed / and i’d like to think that i see through the system but consumerism permeated my head / we try so hard, we bite our nails to make a million dollars and fill our role / why fight the norm and a million before us and be at the disadvantage of the others… who’ve already sold their souls?
one future no choices, one future no changes / a hush to our voices, now silent, now painless / and as the sun sets on our dying rebellion / that trigger not fired, our revolution expired

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