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lirik lagu when daddy comes home – infernal torment

little cindy is always happy
when daddy comes home
she knows that
i’ve got a nice surprise for her

today i’ve brought her a present
she quickly tears off the paper

she puts on the white dress
it fits her perfectly
she hugs me
i place my hands under the dress
my forefinger exploring the pure little slit

i tell her to take out my c*ck
my daughter obeying instantly
then she puts it in her mouth
she’s so skillful,my little girl

can’t wait anymore
pulling my drool-wet c*ck out of her mouth
i must screw this little piece of sh*t

i place her in the couch
a bit of vaseline and i’m inside
she’s screaming,it hurts
pushing harder,pulling her hair
my forefinger is half inside her *ss

i quickly gum
squirting all over her *ss
she p*sses out for a short time

i put her to bed
and continue into her littlebrother’s room
i’ve also got a surprise for him
my c*ck already growing again
as i walk towards the cradle

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