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lirik lagu who want what – beanie sigel

what up sigel?
huh? yeah
smash , scr*pe, scr*pe…. you know the game baby

[chorus 2x: beanie mac and memphis]
who the f*ck want what
me and bleek charmed up , with your town under siege
diligent in the sleeve
who the f*ck want what
me and beans charmed up , got you n*gg*s arms up
my squad be armed up

[memphis bleek]
this one’s for the dogs with the 4-4 long
you n*gg*s bust shots but you throw yours wrong (yeah)
peep game , n*gg*s leaves stain when it rain
damped and wont dry we thugs we won’t cry
[beanie mac]
ayo you know how we play dog , smash and scr*pe
pull them real tools out they won’t blast them eights
trust me they start tellin who blast the weight
bleek a three time felon i’ma basket case
you bout ta witness a dynasty like no other
who flow like bleek , think , no other
who rhyme like sigel , dog , no other
it’s roc-a-fella twin desert eagle no other
ayo we outshinin n*gg*s , two of the finest n*gg*s
got n*gg*s like d*mn where’d jay find them n*gg*s
rock blocked diamonds n*gg*s , that’ll blind you n*gg*s
you know it’s cru love , just thought we’d remind you n*gg*s

who the f*ck want what
who the f*ck want what
who the f*ck want what
who the f*ck want what
who the f*ck want what
who want what
who the f*ck want what
beans and bleek , roc baby , don’t stop

ayo i ride with the top down , high with the glock now
war it don’t stop now , memph man hot now
n*gg*s didn’t want that i’m still where you pump at
b. sigel , m. bleek , n*gg*s can’t front that
ayo n*gg* who want that , not a soul
first week, no video , went gold
bases loaded , now i’m up to bat
witness the truth , n*gg*s can’t f*ck with that
f*ck those who disagree like these streets aint mine
like the roc don’t mean somethin , glock won’t lean somethin
ayo like i won’t pop up in fifty shot machine somethin
hit you from a half a block , infrared beam somethin
n*gg*s don’t want it with mac , trust me
n*gg*s wanna chill , roll up , and get blunted with mac
a then we swerve out , blowin herb out , you heard ’bout
my ’bout it squad , n*gg*s get rowdy and rob


ayo you heard the t*tle n*gg* , who the f*ck want what
my bullets you get em free who the f*ck want one
ayo i still throw 4, 5, 6 , upset rookies
set up shop on flushin , who you can’t touch him
i’m still on two birds , two blunts , too hurt
two of the biggets guns put two in your shirt
you can still get two to your chest
i’ll show what a thug about and let them slugs spit out
i’m that same cat all black crack in my palm
hop off the b. franklin with gat in my palm
yo i still spit a thousand bars , still roam the resevoir with dogs
i still wire your jaw
and yeah i smoke weed , i don’t give a you know
pop up on your block and hit it up in the hugo
to the streets all over , we spot you n*gg*s
put your feet up hova , we got you n*gg*


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