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lirik lagu wild boy (remix) – machine gun kelly

wild boy (remix)
(feat. 2 chainz, meek mill, mystikal, french montana, yo gotti, steve-o)

yeah b*tch, yeah b*tch
i am steve-o [laughs]

cobain’s back, yeah
cobain’s back
got all these crazy white boys yelling cobain’s back

yeah b*tch, yeah b*tch, call me steve-o,
yeah b*tch, yeah b*tch, call me steve-o,
i’m a wild boy, i’m a i’m a wild boy
i’m a wild boy, f*ck an eighth i need o’s

[2-chainz verse:]
yeah b*tch, yeah b*tch, call me 2-chainz
eat yo’ girl, wear my necklace, call it food chain
i’m a wild boy, been that way for a while boy
all i kill is beats and p*ssy, still ain’t went on trial for it
south side, my chain glowin’
if them lames goin’, then i ain’t goin’
my aim good, my pistol dirty
choppa clean em like dish detergent
kobe bryant but the sicker version
big meech but the spitter version
stacy dash but a thicker version
gettin’ head while the engine runnin’

(meek milly)
(mmmmmmm-maybach music)
[meek mill verse:]
ima wild boy, strapped down like a cow-boy
i’m really in the game, you just a towel boy
i pull up in that thang all on them alloys
with so many carrots on, bugs bunny’ll die for
yo’ b*tch call me steve-o, cause i ball like i’m d-rose
my neck be on sub-zero, and i won’t save her, no hero
my wrist done cost me a mirro, got yo’ whip on my wrist
you keep my name in yo’ mouth, but it keep yo’ b*tch on my d*ck

[mystikal verse:]
b*tch, i got my beanie and my hoodie
here go the d*ck, bet you know where to put it
i’m harder than buckweed’s head?
you n*gg*s softer than jello pudding
i stack em’ up, i keep countin’ digits
you fallin’ down to london bridges?
laughin’ at you b*tches like nana-b**boo
b*tch, cause i’m back up in here
i rip it up, i put it down when it get mean
2 chain, meek millz with the nicotine
get my tatt on, machine gun kelly?
ain’t gotta tell you how i act on the 60
ganstas don’t dance no mo’,
p*ssy *ss n*gg* better stay in his place
how many times you seen one f*ckin’ rapper?
cruising in the mutha f*ckin’ rav-4 with an eighth!


[french montana verse:]
r-r-r-r- ridin’ wit them young boys, rollin’ up that o-g
rather have a hothead, then ta’ have some cold feet
homeboy it’s a new day, all my jewels is blu-ray
on your wife like cool j, beat it up like the new dre
money here be too grown, fresher than a newborn
they try ta’ sign a whole group, started from the group home
movin’ like a boss move, mgk, my dog fool
you know ima wild boy, co-cain cowboy

[yo gotti verse:]
had a show in cleavland, law shut it down
dropped that gangsta sh*t, security couldn’t control the crowd
b*tches on that drink, my n*gg*s on that loud
n*gg*s talkin’ fowl? my pistol talkin’ pow!
yeah b*tch, yeah b*tch, i’m a dope boy
top gone, (dre pound), where it go boy
lamb feta cheese sauce inside broccoli
got that machine gun kelly and it’s screaming c*ck me!

[machine gun kelly verse:]
every body shut up, (shut up)
a couple of them ready to do it different whenever i tell them b*tches to come up, (come up)
and i ain’t talkin’ bout the stairs, i’m talkin’ for air somebody light a blunt up (blunt up)
call me steve-o b*tch, i put a nut up to in front of ya’ mutha’s face like it’s nothin’
puff it till’ my eyes yellow when i’m wit em’ sun up, what up?
what i need a shirt fo? what i need a shirt fo?
tatt’ed up from my head to toe, like, what i need this shirt fo?
what do i need to work fo? i smack the boss at my job boy
f*ckin’ hoes like i’m austin powers, givin’ golden showers, that’s wild boy!


i’m a wild boy [repeats]

[steve-o laughs]

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