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lirik lagu wish you would – lil’ wayne

wish you would

[verse 1]
i’m looking up at heaven, hoping my n*gg*s made it
while i’m tryna get them demons, out of my demonstration
i’m like f*cking right i’m flexing on these pancake *ss n*gg*s
these n*gg*s must be nuts, i castrate these n*gg*s, pause
then she stuck out her tongue
well since you act like a dog i’mma f*ck you like one
i got this tec in my draws, and i murder for fun
man all these n*gg*s the same, it’s like we watching re-runs
and i am salt in the wound, i am soap in ya eye
these b*tches thinkin’ they fly, i tell em’ roaches can fly
even at my low b*tch i’m high, i’m tryna stay focused i’m fine
but if i crack one of these n*gg*s like a glow stick he shine
but it’s trukfit: skate or die, them b*tches wasting my time
and when they ask me where i’m from i say the great state of mind
ok that loud got me stanky, that lean got me cranky
they tell me think it over over and i end up over-thinking, yeaagh!

cause i don’t know how fake feel n*gg*
cause all my life i’ve been a real n*gg*
yeah all my life i’ve been a real n*gg*
kidnap yo wife, f*ck her and still kill her
yeah and i don’t wanna take pills n*gg*
but it’s either that or take chances n*gg*
run up on you, click-clack: pay yo taxes n*gg*
we bout that action, these n*gg*s action figures

[verse 2]
uhh, young money on another level
i like her p*ssy tighter than my f*cking schedule
man i love hitting yo b*tch, like a lucky seven
i’m running this sh*t, you n*gg*s running errands
money ain’t sh*t to me
i smoke all these n*gg*s, call it n*gg*tine
yellowbone p*ssy, uh lemon squeeze
i ain’t too proud to beg, so n*gg* please
fake *ss, b*tch *ss
you faker than yo b*tch *ss
we good, b*tch bad
fat mouth, slim chance
i see you n*gg*s hatin’, with ya hatin’ *ss
i’m just lightin’ up, like laser tag
chopper clips is too long, send you back to where you came from
yeah, p*ssy n*gg*s get banged up, i wish you would give a name up
i wish you would n*gg*, i wish you would n*gg*
they find yo motherf*cking body in the woods n*gg*
we on that good n*gg*, we ain’t no g.o.o.d n*gg*s
you n*gg*s stand under me, understood n*gg*?

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