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lirik lagu wobble – travis porter


big face honeys in my honey by the porch
got some pains in my nipples, have to tell the b*tch to shut
and you know i got it kicked by the mega b*tch day
by the thought filled thousand n*gg*, back another day
i got money, i got b*tches, i got hoes, i go fishing
with my feet like a stick pick that up like a pig
then i take it to the prior like a wobble, wobble, wobble
take it to the mouth, n*gg*, gobble, gobble, gobble.

we ball like basketball, got a white girl fruitin’ on acid, yo
my friend ain’t got no swaggin on, baby fought with me, yeah, you can have it all
yeah, met on a thursday, f*cked on a friday,
put up in a ‘rrari, magic, face it
beam for the school with already bad*ss, at least ain’t a minute, i ain’t trickin’ if you got it
bottle on earth, hoes turn up on side,
we got our boss on top of boss, hot auto, what you like?
big room full of schless, i don’t fought, don’t wanna fight
make a wobble on a d*ck, ride it like a motorbike.

told that girl up on top of me why don’t smokin’ that broccoli
say i got so much p*ss, she thought that she was monopoly
say i’m s*xy, you *ss, better not step on my property

i’m the man, no, you know i’m the man, no?
make that *ss wobble like one of your hands, bro
like it lepro, she know how to do it
she gonna wobble wobble wobble and she do it to my music.

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