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lirik lagu women are the new dogs – saigon

women are the new dogs
(feat. jovan dais)

d-mn girl
they true what they say is
yeah look like
the table’s done turn
i mean by the looks of things
it might safe to say
that women are the new dog to [?]

she’s mine even though she’s yours
you ain’t’ the only one breaking the all
it don’t seem right but that’s how we made them
women are the new players
don’t’ hate em
and she be lying when she say where she goin
tell me be quiet when he calling the phone
i had to question why girl you’re doing so wrong
she said i got it from ya’ll
women are the new dogs

i’m nice like loving on the freestyle
he know i found my number on his wife’s speed dial.
ooh she gonn’ get a beat down
he come here yeah will be warmer like the [?]
wuddup n-gg- your chick chose m.y
i step up in the night spot i ain’t’ even inquire
of who she was, who she with, who she love, who she hit
truefuly ngga i thought your chick was on some bujii sh-t
till i seen a sipping henessy dark women that drink that
the women be hard
when i say hard i ain’t’ talking hard like rihanna
talking first night b-tch will let you hit the v-g-n-
i [?] like em like expected neck
see as much but i still give em respect
she’s a she ain’t’ nothing but a new dog
so i put on more than just two part


and i’m thinking i’m doing her dirty
thinking she good thinking she not hurt worthy
and no not for a sec did i expect she was still give me s-x to her ex.
till i check the radio station doing a segment called true confession
a caller called it said hey proved without a question
that he was h-tting my chick doing a [?]
said i hope these n-gg-s used protection
they all laugh about on the west side [?]
elbows [?] poiting them from they wips like aha
feeling like a jack -ss thinking she got the nerve
but something deep down inside, oh i’m getting what i deserve
i had tammy on tuesday, teresa on thur
while i was getting mine i guess she was getting hers
and then right after the dude called
they played the song called women are the new dogs


they say women are the new dogs
’cause a lot of men turning into [?]
if that’s your thing my any means do ya’ll
me i rather die from a terminal case of blue ball
back to women being the new dog
i think 90 percent of this is the dudes fault
but when you grew up listening to that two shaw
you end up thinking the same way snoop dog
you think b-tches ain’t sh-t but hoes and tricks
cause we ain’t treat em like queens like they suppouse to get
and instead of loving them better like uncle l with the sad
we said the h-ll with em and that f-cked up they heads


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