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lirik lagu wretched face of evil – aura noir

coiled embalmed
wretched face of evil
lies sinned and furied, in spite of it’s glory
all matters sewn into one prophet
i nail this one seed, and crawl back through it’s onset
winged lashes – vast essence
dead skin holds the poet
a simple red mask keeps the rain from the sunset
a triangular wave left me covered with lies
essential for it’s beauty as the shepherd dies
all – fallen enslaved
all – vanished awoken
it’s eyes may seem dreamy but soon lies a token
that buries three hearts, six feathers
– one oaken
to crack self-made concepts
to hold one great feast
a soak-wet cold fairy gave birth to the beast
my sins turns to flowers as the rain turns to dust
please shower my mind in your ghostlike l*st
…it’s a fistful must…

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