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lirik lagu you are my man – aendiaena

i cry myself to sleep at night
i toss and turn while i think of you
i just wanna know
once a flame burned oh-so bright
but now i try to keep it high
just wanna know, hm i wanna know

givin´ it up could be so easy
livin´ it up would be better to do
go back to the start but i don´t want to´cause i am your woman and you are my man

no pin-up girl whose body´s tight
can give you what you get from me
i just wanna show
so listen to what i say to you
and keep your eyes hold open wide
i won´t let you go

i would never love anyone but you
i hope you do remember that you love me too

can´t you see i´m your woman
givin´ it up…
livin´ it up…

i would never love…

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