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lirik lagu you can have her – sam neely

you know the other day, i had a friend of mine come up to me,
he said, sam, i’ve got a problem with my old lady.
i said, man, you’ve got to be kiddin’ me,
she’s one of the finest looking women i’ve ever seen,
that’s when he smiled and said,

well you can have her, i don’t want her, she didn’t love me, anyway.
she only wanted, someone to play with,
but all i wanted, was a love to stay.

the girl i loved, she up and left me,
she ran away with, my best friend.
comes home at night, for just one hour,
when daylight comes, she’s gone again.

[repeat chorus]

when you’re stuck with, the wrong woman,
there ain’t nothing, that you can do.
just dig a hole, and crawl right in it,
and pull the ground right in, over you.

[repeat chorus]

life without love is, mighty empty,
but the, confession is, good for the soul.
i’d rather have love, for just one hour,
than have the world, and all it’s gold.

[repeat chorus]

[repeat chorus]

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