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lirik lagu you gotta lotta that – ice cube

(feat. snoop dogg)

[ice cube]
hey… you wit’ da *ss (you wit’ da *ss), you wit’ da *ss (you wit’ da *ss)
c’mere… w*ssup?
what’s your name girl? who you come wit’?
i’m wit’ snoop dogg.. and my whole click

[chorus: snoop dogg – repeat 2x]
a n*gg* need a shot of that.. and i know where they got it at
d*mn girl, you gotta lotta that
won’t you let a real n*gg* go and holla back?

[ice cube]
look at you girl, eyes brown, *ss round
feel like a n*gg* chasin down a rebound
it’s bouncin like a basketball, if you got no *ss at all
sorry girl but you won’t make the casting call
skinny b*tches need to find that nutritionist
sh*t that make yo’ *ss so thick and delicious
is it the food or is it the water?
that make your daughter wanna show what momma taught her
c’mere.. let me whisper in yo’ ear (w*ssup)
tell ya all that bullsh*t that you wanna hear (let’s f*ck)
you prolly hate my f*ckin guts in a year
but right about now, you like a n*gg*’s style huh?
how i talk, how i smell, how i smile
how i think, how i f*ck, how i grab
f*ck wit’ me, ya get ya meat and ya vegetables
f*ck wit’ him, ya get a f*ckin metros*xual
you want a man stronger than you
not a motherf*cker in the mirror longer than you
break a nail and his punk *ss lookin for glue
you want a n*gg* wit’ a hard d*ck lookin at you (lookin at you)

[chorus – repeat 2x]

[snoop dogg]
you came up in there lookin all cute and stuff
you and yo’ homegirl, a pimp couldn’t get enough
you talk that sh*t like you weren’t up in there just to f*ck
well guess what? now b*tch you wit’ us!
yeah have a sip {*sipping noise*}, go take a puff
go and spend another blunt, naw roll it up!
what yo’ name? a n*gg* love how you came
you just in need of some game
and i got that good thang, yeah it’s a westside hood thing
let ya party over day and hit ya wit’ that ding-a-ling
i got that good sh*t, lollipop (lollipop)
and once i get up in ya, i make ya body rock (body rock)
a thick little bad b*tch, walk wit’ a switch
now all you need now is some gangster d*ck
it’s the big bow wizzow, you know i’m on the p*sszow
doggystizyle, that make ya kitty kat meow (meow!)
d*ck deep, freak-a-leek, f*ck some sleep
and don’t tell me that i’m… “innnn too deep”
okay (okay).. alright (alright).. westside baby girl, we do it all night
(fo’ sho)

[chorus – repeat 2x]

[ice cube]
do ya thing girl, f*ck what they lookin at
shake it for me mami, work that p*ssycat
do ya thing girl, f*ck what they lookin at
shake it for me mami, work that p*ssycat
put it on me girl, what the f*ck you scared of?
we just in the club, actin like we making love
i know you full of liquor, put it on my zipper
drop it down now and throw it on a n*gg*

[chorus – repeat 2x]

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