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lirik lagu you see me – childish gambino

“you see me”

i’m on my ballin’ each and every day
asian girls everywhere, ucla
you see me babe? you see me babe?
asian girls everywhere, ucla

[verse 1]
i’m on my ish, call it
i watch these haters take they shots like they were alcoholics
“what is he wearing? somebody jack that fool’s st**ze”
if i’m a f*ggot spell it right, i got way more than two g’s
n*gg* i’m amazing, i’m a phenom
i’m *ss*ssin, i’mma kill y’all
ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa
your sh*t’s closed down cause i ball too hard
and i’m c*mming on her face, have i gone too far?
i don’t know, who cares, i don’t love that broad
and it’s funny how these n*gg*’s always act hard
i’m a black star in a black car with a black card
they wanna knock me out
they try a n*gg*
realest motherf*cker in the game, like tron n*gg*
forget these white girls
i need some variation
especially if she very asian
she got an ugly friend? roll solo
can i stay at your place? no hobo
not my fault, man, these ladies love me
she’s an overachiever cause all she do is succeed


[verse 2]
send me naked pics, i’mma tumbl that
i’m the sh*t, been the sh*t, f*ck a humble brag
yeah i’m pushin’ that, and her p*ssycat
i got swag out my *ss so i’m usin’ that
texting with olivia munn, hopefully she’ll give me some
or some rosie jones, man
hoes is hoes is hoes, man
racks on racks on racks, man
all i got is tracks, man
sorry for my accent, but i’ve been practicin’
everywhere ya go n*gg*s blastin’ that gambino
n*gg*s be like, “you ain’t know?”
b*tches be like, “you ain’t know?”
met this fly latino
hope that she eighteen though
if she not, i’ll say that i got deep throat in heathrow


[verse 3]
told me i was sh*t, but that sh*t couldn’t stop me
n*gg* still hungry, black kobayashi
when i talk about you i hear a “who?” like horton
i was born for this sh*t, you a rappin’ abortion
can we hear the n-word one day and not get upset?
can we try something new and not be suspect?
i don’t really know, you f*cked up bad
you don’t wanna see my dudes when they get mad
i got a bunch of jackanapes at the back of me
that’ll lacerate anyone in the back of a matinee
and laugh while they m*st*rb*t* all over your beaten body
sick boy forever, that suburban illuminati
naw n*gg*, yeah we never stop
no period like menopause
no period like, “oh sh*t!
am i the only one you sleepin’ with?”
am i the only one you sleepin’ with?”

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