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lirik lagu you suck at love – simple plan

“you suck at love”

we started off incredible
connection undeniable
i swear i thought you were the one forever
but your love was like a loaded gun
you shot me down like everyone
’cause everyone’s replaceable
when you’re just so incapable
of getting past skin deep

guess what, another game over
i got burned, but you’re the real loser
i don’t know why i’ve wasted my time with you
you’re bad news, a history repeater
you can’t trust a serial cheater
you’re good at hooking up but you suck at love

you played me like an amateur
then stabbed me like a murderer
i’m left for dead, another one of your victims
it’s not like you’re unpredictable
but your act is so believable
i know it’s nothing personal, it’s just business as usual
you’re good at what you do


now i kinda feel bad for you
you’re never gonna know
what it’s like to have someone to turn to
another day, another bed
it’s just a game inside your head

[chorus x2]

you’ve messed this whole thing up
well you were such an awesome f*ck
but you suck at love, you suck at love

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