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lirik lagu young flexin – soulja boy

young flexin

young and flexin
young and flexin
aye man, ya’ll know what’s up with me man
this that n*gg* soulja man
i’m the hottest n*gg*, man
i’m a gangsta man

hey, free my n*gg* in that cell
yeah that’s my n*gg* zill
man they could that boy the twill
when he touch down i’m a make his bail
man i’m back up in the streets she again
i see young n*gg* jiggin with a f*cking pen
hey, i took a whole thing and i went in
they call me soulja boy these n*gg*s looking like my twins
i go hard and i’m freggin pain,
my money long so i’m bound with my haters can
n*gg* mad ’cause i’m cashin out outside the bank
i cashed out a million lay that sh*t up in the same,
the water fosset running, and it ain’t numbling
they looking round for me, they know this soulja boy that came
these n*gg*s dope though they looking sort in life some things
but i’ll be pulling up with brand new f*ckin jeans
hundred thousand in my pocket how i fit in that,
50 in the little, 50 in the frontin back
i go so hard many n*gg*s like some runnin backs,
i’m like a quarter back a bullet make you cash it man

young & flexin, i said i’m said young & i’m flexin
i put some girl on my necklace,
and we drop blocks like we tetris
yeah i’m young & i’m flexin,
no auto tune, i’m a goon with no necklace
hey, i said i’m young & i’m flexin
my goons out here, these n*gg*s could get reckless

wow i’m in the studio, i’m going out,
i’m on that loud man i’m going out,
man i swear that it is going down
pulled the chopper in that b*tch got a hundred round
oh, that pill got me biting down,
wow, man we’re shooting ain’t no fighting now
i’m runnin at you like a tier now
let’s go, i swear to god it’s like lightning now
fow fow fow fow and that man down
talking all that slick sh*t playing round
you’re f*cking with the soulja, i’m a box his *ss
put his p*ssy *ss in s body bag,

i said i’m young & i’m flexin
put some f*cking gold in my necklace
then we drop blocks like tetras
and my goons on alert, they get reckless

hey free my n*gg* in that cell,
yeah that’s my n*gg* zill
man i got a boy that twill
i know he feel like he inside h*ll
i know it, but when he touch down i make his bail
it’s soulja hard man i’m going in
these n*gg* getting money i can’t really tell
i pour lord, aog in the junk man
it’s hesitation, n*gg*s playing n*gg*s stunt man
it’s not a game got the park man
i’m going hard in the travel going hard in the streets i’m going hard and the paint man

gone, i said i’m young & i’m flexin
i’m young & i’m flexin
i said i’m young & i’m flexin
how this gold sh*t hanging on my neckline
young & i’m flexin and we drop blocks like tetris
i said i’m young & i’m flexin
my goon on alert, man on n*gg* they get reckless
leave a n*gg* breathless
i said i’m running that white benz
n*gg*s playing and they fools and they no friends
man you know how it goes in the low end.

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