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lirik lagu 2 faced – 2r major


major* 2 faced
(prd. lou beats)

you all in his face
you all in my face

b*tch how you gon do that

not tryna catch a case
but if they ask me ima
just be like who dat

even doe i know my n*ggas
and they ain’t stop beatin em
till he was blue black

now you like why he do that

now you like why he do that

i’m sorry i had to do dat

i got a team full of soldiers
and they might turn
this sh*t to black ops

some of my n*ggas be jammin
some of my n*ggas be scammin

it’s either run that bag or get ya pockets ran in


tryna get a bag

they tryna feed they family

and i been there before so i understand them

ice on my wrist n*gga


i been sinking ships way before titanic

(takes headphones off)
that’s it