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lirik lagu 3-5-4 – sheek louch


[sheek louch]
a’yo four shots let off, black truck sped off
big sh-t, tryna take a motherf-ckin head off

a’yo hold up man, let me take y’all back to the begining
let y’all know what happend that night, listen
i don’t even know these n-gg-z hangin in front
usually we woulda been asked them what do they want
what they came here for, this is 354
what you tryna get some gas or some sh-t from the store
but n-body asked these motherf-ckers what do they want
it was bitin, mad traffic, the first of the month
it was me, chep, bizzy and hit
b.g. and lickalone and yeah i think earth was there and sh-t
and a few other n-gg-z in and out of the buildin
tryin to catch every sell but not to children
got a sixty of that yack in the store in the back
chep about to go home and get more of his pack
jake ain’t f-ckin wit us, what’s the miracle
n-gg-z moms ex heads now turn spiritual
wanna preach to us talk about christ
and how f-ck sand, how he could bring the beach to us
that’s when i noticed n-gg-z still outside
hoody on with some shades like they tryna hide
so i c-cked the hammer then i walked to ’em
no beef, just a friendly little talk to ’em

[sheek:] here we go, yo whaddup money?
[guy:] yo whaddup
[s:] what y’all n-gg-z waitin for somebody or somethin?
[g:] yeah, why?
[s:] nah nah, i’m sayin y’all n-gg-z got on big hoodies and sh-t
yaknahmean? it’s my block out here daddy
i don’t need blood on this sh-t and all that
[g:] it’s all love, it’s all good
[s:] aight, just checkin dog

[sheek louch]
a’yo, turns out these n-gg-z is not from here
and they got blood on they hands while they drinkin a beer
they just robbed dread and them n-gg-z spot
i told ’em they gotta get up out of here, they makin it hot
that’s when four shots let off, a black truck sped off
big sh-t, tryna take a motherf-ckin head off
bombaclot, no man rob me spot, everybody here feelin me glock
they done put us in a mix now we gotta go to war with
dread and them n-gg-z cause they think we wit these d-cks
shots goin everywhere, everybody clappin but them n-gg-z that was standin there
they f-ckin disappeared
i cut one yardy underneath his f-ckin beard
still clappin, got everybody runnin scared
they ain’t backin down and we ain’t b-tchin
n-gg-z comin out the house with the hitchelin under the michelin
throwin back a clip or two
you would think we went to war with colin powells crew
police comin now but we don’t give a f-ck
rhas’ tryna grab all his n-gg-z in the truck
that’s what i get for lettin n-gg-z blend in
and they ain’t really wit us, n-gg-z really tryna get us
i keep my glock not givin a f-ck
but the bullsh-t is we still gotta watch for that truck

[sheek louch]
yaknahmean, y’all n-gg-z remember that night dog?
only b.g. had his gun on him man, word up
styles p had his gun on him
besides that n-gg-z was f-ckin naked man
yall n-gg-z didn’t stop it man
n-gg-z had the drop on us kid
if homeboy didn’t come thru, if he didn’t come thru
and silence those guns dog, we woulda been sick
check it out though, i know them f-ggot -ss n-gg-z kid
you know what the f-ck i’m talkin about
n-gg-z just bought them sh-ts, that’s why we had all them hammers
besides that man, word up man, no wing n-gg-z around us dog
if you ain’t a motherf-ckin friend of mine or friend of ours, you gotta go
n-gg-z is grimey man, it’s d-block for real man
you think these n-gg-z don’t want what we got?
f-ck yeah they want it
that sh-t we be rappin about
all that sh-t we be f-ckin drivin around, these n-gg-z is hungry man
i got somethin for that belly though