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lirik lagu whiskey dick – 3 prong outlet


gotta girlfriend, she’s so pretty
makes me happy, when im sh-tty
when she laughs, she thinks im witty, yeah.

she can kiss, and smells like flowers
wears work shirts and converse all stars
she’s so cool, and i’m a r-t-rd, yeah.

and you dont like me cause my bands not big
but i see your face at all the shows, whoa
so heres another song that’s 3 chords long, with stupid lyrics that you’ll never know.

love sucks.

and my girlfriend likes to toke it
and she dont care if i smoke it.
goves me money when im broke, sh-t yeah.

she likes blatz, the m-ffs and weezer
but she still likes my band better
ands she’ll be my girl forever, yeah.