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lirik lagu dedicated.4ever – 9sense


i was in it making all my music for the fame
now i’m making music whether or not you know my name
i don’t sit around and wait i want the fame before the lame
and i’m dreaming ‘bout a life where i can f-ck all of the fakes
bad b-tches on me f-cking scandals on my grind
with no b-tches talking sh-t and running round all in my town
ratting out yo bullsh-t talking ‘bout my f-cking style
d-mn snitches on my back and now i’m f-cking you with rhymes
noface grams for my bands hoe
next 1280 resolution on my d-mn snow
happy for my fans ’cause they they f-ck with me they mad dope
rockstar life feeling like i’m marilyn manson, yo
and i ain’t never giving up, no
iced out watch on my wrist and i got f-cked
life is not for p-ss-es ’cause sometimes it’s gonna suck
know fake -ss motherf-ckers hunting for my guap

am i in love?
am i in love?
am i in love?