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lirik lagu sippin antifreeze – afourteen


(verse 1: afourteen)
i know people that they trynna break me
there’s a million things and i just wanna k!ll myself
give me any reason i should prolly go and get help
sippin’ antifreeze , i got the .45 on my shelf
don’t care bout anything and mentally damaging my health
product [?]
[?] because i’m f*cking hungry as h*ll
i’m an addict [?]
walking with a [?] and breaking into the kitchen
stupid c*nt, f*cking make a decision
are you trynna die with a [?]
maybe it’s not enough [?] for the both of us
maybe you should quit and hop up off the f*ckin’ nuts
oh yeah
i just don’t care, now it’s bullsh*t
i say what i want
sit alone at lunch and i hate it
i don’t know if imma die this year
i don’t know if imma die this year at all

(verse 2: m0chi)
step out the [?]
you got wrecked
i got thirty on my head
i gotta watch out for the feds
i spent a gram around the block
i run that sh*t until i’m dead
i just stepped out the [?], we the best
afourteen and bmg, we sippin’ on that antifreeze
b*tch you [?] don’t even try to talk to me
five*five*six three [?] blowing off your arteries
get the f*ck out of my section i promise [?]
yeah, i got bodies in the shed
i got bullets filled with lead
and they pointed right at ya head
i keep a glock on my side
wonder who gon’ die tonight
i be [?]
[?] can tell by just the size
(verse 3: bruhmanegod)
[?] all the f*ckin’ time
it must be nice never hearing, never hearing lies
but shawty never tell me what i wanna hear
it don’t even matter, b*tch i’m gone this year
no one care about how you feeling, that’s the way that it is
you can’t ask n0body else to treat you like you exist
push her out the way and told that b*tch leave me alone
i ain’t coming back but you wanted that all along

(verse 4: afourteen)
i*i*i w*want to k!ll myself
[?] we face off
and it don’t take much, so go and f*ckin’ [?]
[?] we shoot it when we layback
[?] till you f*ck up the game
shot him one time [?]
we’ll leave them red while you runnin’ to the feds
i don’t even use autotune i’m just f*ckin’ round
[?] suicidal p*ssy boy is talkin’ now
yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah