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lirik lagu 312 – almightyseven


[verse 1]
writing this sh-t from my mind
put the lights out, put the mic out
i speak about my life, it’s about time right now
y’all about to get wiped out right now
everybody’s tryna, tryna put me down
look around, body’s on the ground
living a life with crown, they cannot knock me down yeah
man i’ve been writing this sh-t since i was fifteen
now i get this and i hit’e m so they cannot drop me
with no, with no, with no, with no
with no apprentice your venom cannot stop me
i’ve been making sacrifices while y’all were getting f-cked up with the hennessy
i’m living eternity, they cannot murder me
i can see your jealousy, cuz i got the recipe
i have the element
shot! for my enemies, rest in peace
y’all are just lost in my memory, cuz i don’t let my demons get into me
this is my destiny, ambition is what i’m meant to be
god and my family is all that is left for me
i’m a criminal, for spitting that toxic lyrical
and murdering syllables
to me yall are just typical, my status is going critical

[verse 2]
my fingers itching on the trigger
quit b-tching on how you tryna get bigger
stay away from the rap industry, if you are bringing negative energy
i’m your majesty, f-ck with me and i will make your life a catastrophe
i can flow so easy like a,b,c, i’m that young m.v.p
f-ck the motherf-ckers that are tryna give me some pressure
i’ve been making moves silence
talking all of that sh-t while i hit em like a suppressor
i do not treat this like a sport
i don’t fake it like rappers that talk about what they can’t afford
if i want to i’ll put your -ss on a life support
y’all don’t know what it’s like to be poor
and to be afraid of immigration coming knocking at my door
f-ck, f-ck, f-ck what you commentate
i eliminate, i disintegrate, let the bullets penetrate
i float with the beat while i levitate
i’m the g.o.a.t. watch me elevate
f-ck doing it for the money, the power, the fame
i c-ck it and load it, i don’t f-cken promote it
born to dissolve it, then to evolve it
i don’t do it for profit, inspired by logic
f-ck my old project
f-ck the politics, all that stupid drama sh-t
there are levels to this sh-t, i don’t f-ck around with this sh-t
i’ll bury bodies in the ground for this sh-t
all i think in my mind is being poetic
while all of you just sound pathetic
i’m afraid for the hip hop culture to die from all of this pessints
yeah you think i’m funny
but once they play with me and my money
ama pull out my glock and start making them hop like a bunny
tha f-ck you mean we were buddy and buddy
when back then you tried to treat a n-gga like a dummy

i just feel elevated, tryna be the greatest
always motivated till i make it, keep my mind concentrated
i still have air never suffocated
to me y’all are just faded
y’all don’t know what i’m capable, i’m just unbreakable
i’m the illest with rhymes
speaking up for my people that don’t want to divide
for this i would die, im fighting this sh-t for my life
this is my way that i ride, been grinding all night
this is my fight