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inverted - amg dolo lyrics


yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
better stay on yo feet ‘cause jj will cross you, don’t need a basketball
we done had enough of your childish games, so f*ck it let’s tag ‘em all
and this life been beating him he been tryin’ to figure how to end it all
and it ain’t no beating him he was in the sandbox with the dawgs
i’m not sorry i missed your call
i’m like f*ck all these b*tches, lets ball
i want my money standing up tall
walk ‘em down, i’m feeling like paul
tell me how you can change on your dawg?
i be treating these n*ggas the same way (same way)
said you better not get caught in that gameway
he get did like his homie the same way (the same way)
i been f*cking like i was a junkie
in the jungle, gorillas and monkeys
you was only another let me [?]
she not getting my heart ‘cause i sunk it
it could really get spicy no [?]
i pull out his (ahh) she blow like a trumpet
what you gone do with that trackhawk? (suicide, suicide)
you know how we coming

[verse 2]
i can’t seem to understand why they keep moving dummy
(why they keep movin’ dummy)
f*ck it i got plenty bands i’m in love wit the hunnids (wit the hunnids)
we the type to pull up in the night, you won’t see us coming
imma party, yeah, that’s all night, i f*cked up my stomach
shawty get a hit of me, no get hit of me (get a hit of me)
we switchin’ the flows that’s so cold, you have an epiphany
(you have an epiphany)
said the hoes be standing 10 toes, it ain’t no change in me
(ain’t no change in me)
i can always call on my bros ‘cause they’ll never change on me
let me see how your circle be, like you taking that test for free
want the [?] wit no recipe
youngun gotta stay on p
i been losing my mind i want it all, infinite sp*ce for me
keep on losing my people over and over, i’m hoping they chasing me
hop in v12 like how the racists be
they teach me one thing, said they making me
im the only one that made me
when you outside take it off safety
i got stars like macy
[?] dead he hate me
on foenem, on my baby
i had to change up my routes because this sh*t get crazy (crazy)
we ‘bout to violate (violate)
[?] say by any means go 100 on the interstate
we the ones say “f*ck the fake”
i know it’s my destiny to get rich, i’ve been f*cking waiting (blrrrah)
and ian never let a n*gga do me like that, im just instigating
imma wait on my time i’m still patient
and i been on my grind my soul shaking
if he slide on the 7, then that n*gga 6
went to 7*11 to catch a vic
how you love on that hoe she was eating d*ck
i get her in the room, give her businesses
i got stamina f*ck all the fitness
ain’t for us here [?]
try the most, you gon prolly lose the ones you love the most
it seem like everytime i turn my back these n*ggas gon fold
i fell hard to the ground once
gotta stop disappointing your people, make ‘em proud once
she tap out in round one
she on the routes to down one (down one)
they said he died wit his loot, i think we must’ve downed one
foenem said he got a text message it don’t make no sound, huh
and we got all them switches for whoever outta bounce one (ay, ay)

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