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lirik lagu be by myself – asher roth


(feat. cee-lo)

[intro: cee-lo]
i gotta be by myself, gotta be by myself this time
whoa [x2]

[verse 1: asher roth]
in the backseat screaming out loud
in the backseat screaming out
ash is young, attractive, handsome bachelor, awesome rapper
got a knack for vernacular when i perform spectacular
i’ll have any girl that i want, i’m a take the girl in the front
b–bs bounce when i tell the crowd jump, honey, come backstage i just want to have fun
but i’m too young to be locked down, not now
need a new car, drive around with the top down
new broad with her bra and her top down
chillin’ in the backseat screaming out loud

[chorus: cee-lo]
she wants to be my lady but i don’t see her
she wants to be my lady but i’m a free bird
i gotta be by myself, gotta be by myself this time
i gotta fly by myself, go get high by myself this time

[verse 2: asher roth]
the cycle is shawn michaels (heartbreak)
and yeah i like you but not enough to wife you
say, i’m nice, true and you think i’m the right dude
but there’s another girl just like you (like who?)
i’m on the road, another night, another show
new event in a new time zone
and the live show is so mind blowing
and it’s my show so you know that i’m blown (you know?)
no text gonna give me head, long distance just ain’t my thing
yeah i’m single, don’t need no ring,
i’m a free man now, i don’t need no strings, sing


[verse 3: asher roth]
if you’re cool with nights at the pool
jacuzzis and groupies, groupies and booze
and no rules, i’m only 22
i need to watch football and hang with the crew
but if you don’t get mad when i get fat
cause all i do is eat, drink, smoke weed and rap
and play madden then dag
you’re pretty rad and i take it all back, c’mon


just keep clapping your hands, feels good, feels nice and warm in here right now
i’m feeling free, if you feel free, clap your hands, ah, ah, ah, c’mon