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lirik lagu aftermath – anathematize

shadows drift in silence
as moonlight floods the floor
highlights bodies strewn in gutters once more
the sickening sound of screaming
echoes through haunted streets
where children played before they came and stole equality

children crying out
screaming for serenity
the sepulchre grows
this worldly chasm
begins to spread
as we lie, weeping
in cold blood

this parade of shame
defiling our nation’s name
the bleeding sun draws down
as we follow our men to the ground

scarred and mutilated
their hours wearing thin
broken bodies turned to ash
but the fires still rage
sons of something else
striving for a darker day
what’s become of us?
what’s become of us?

this masquerade of hate
bleeding countries dry
leaving scars so deep
this world will never reconcile

break them down

save our souls
crush their bones

(thanks to jakfor these lyrics)

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