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lirik lagu all the words in the english language (part 2) – animaniacs


level and levity
lewd and longevity
libel, libation, lanai
lithium, litigate, legal, legitimate
liberty, levy and lie

welcome back
yakko’s now at the l’s as he tries to sing
all the words in the english language
a slight mistake at the f’s
here’s what it looked like

facial and faction and fractal and fraction
and fraudulent, fragrant, frappé
frankincense, frankish and frakisish, frash
shoot, yadda yadda flambé

now, that mistake
could have proved costly for yakko
but he recovered beautifully

now let’s watch
as yakko continues with the l’s

libation and libertine, limited, limousine
limpid and limbo and lime
lima and lipid and literature, liquid
and listing and liter and line

there’s lobby and loading
and loathsome and loaning
and logo and then locomotion
there’s lotus and lottery, lobo, lobotomy
logic and loosen and lotion

lozenge and lubber and lucky and lover
and lullaby, lumber and luke
l-ster and luscious and lunatic, l-strous
and lurking and lunar and lute

yakko’s now about halfway through
all the words in the english language
d-ck b-tton and i will be back with more