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lirik lagu away – athenaeum

he? s got a really bad sense of time
he only listens when she? s about to break down and cry
and she? s got a lot to learn about herself
she? s always blaming her sorrow on someone else

well, he? s not a really good person from the start
he? s always making it a habit of breaking her heart
and she? s gonna have to take half the blame
she? s always taking his sh-t but i swear it? s gonna change

just walk away like you never cared
don? t even look at him if you? re still scared
and you don? t even have to give him a reason why

but all the things that you never said
they? re gonna stay with you until you? re dead
so take advantage of the way he made you feel

it? s only a matter of time
you? re gonna find your peace of mind
and maybe settle down in a one bedroom apartment

and all the evil things he might say
will come back to him one day
when he least expects it
then you? ll be a million miles away

miles away

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