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lirik lagu game winners – black ice bdl


we the business
dade county
black ice
nino brown

game winner, n-gga we them game winners
game winner, n-gga we them game winners
game winner, n-gga we them game winners
never switched up i be with the same n-ggas
game winner came up selling caine n-gga
i be in foreign switching lanes n-gga
we the business we the f-cking gang n-gga
lebron james with the shot hit the game winner!

verse 1: black ice bdl

i dont hustle for my first i hustle for my last name
when it comes to the money i’m on a fast train
put some respect on my d-mn name
ima stunt on them haters lebron james
all that hating ain’t working that’s just more flame
we them game winners n-gga ain’t sh-t changed
my whole team grinding, my whole team shining
tryna get more rings than pat riley
all we do is win we dj khaled
drinking rozay, champagne out the gl-sses
they can’t stand us, they can’t stand us
when you rich they tryna k!ll you for your status
all my flows worth a mill i need a grammy
when you a boss you provide for your whole family
i came from the bottom dade county
losing ain’t a option when you from miami!

verse 2: nino brown

allergic to broke, addicted to money
i started out hustling, i ended up balling
i got a ring on every finger like pimping and jordan
avoiding the hate they watch the money i make
don’t let your food get cold from watching my plate
sold dope in 94 we called it base
these diamonds will hit your eyes they burn like mase
ima millionaire n-gga, i bring b-tches weed and liquor
bananas clips and choppas i’m still a gorilla
remembering 911 still got the carrera
and i know my n-ggas got me still got the beretta
i don’t wear watches for time it’s now or never
these n-ggas should try getting on our level
instead they rather hate on the god they devils
if you live in a gl-ss house don’t throw the pebbles!